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Product Name: Heartfelt CD
Price (US): $15.00 plus $3.00 S & H
Product Description:
"Heartfelt" is the long-awaited CD from this well-known musical duo featuring mountain dulcimer, fiddle, bowed dulcimer, guitar, and warm vocals. Musical sensitivity and expression permeate this wonderful collection of ballads, hymns, and lullabies. Jeff and Janet’s love for this music and each other are once again presented with beauty and honesty. This CD has been described as "soothing, warm, tender, happy, soulful, loving, beautiful…truly Heartfelt."


"It’s beautiful. I love the simplicity of it, the beauty and the sentiments, the theme and the way the songs support the theme, the arrangements, the duets, the harmonies…I just love it! Thanks for sharing your hearts with us." - jb

"What a lovely album this is. It’s a true reflection of the shared heart of two people, the well-travelled map of their musical journey together. It’s as down home and comfortable as a living room – two talented people, fiddle, dulcimers, banjo, guitar and more…and a thoughtful selection of songs and tunes that reflect their love of mountain music. The vocals are lovely and the harmonies impeccable. This is an intimate glimpse of folks who let the music do the talking…and it speaks volumes." - Cindy Funk – Dulcimer Radio

"I REALLY enjoy your new CD. Harmonies, instrumentals, and singing are so tender and romantic. Thank you…" - fb

"Sure enjoyed listening to you all on my way home from Black Mountain. Lots of my favorite songs and done so beautifully – Kudos! I especially enjoyed all the vocal harmonies." - Al

"Since purchasing Heartfelt, I have listened to your CD five times…obviously, I really like it! I would compare it favorably to Kate Rusby’s "Awkward Annie", another of my favorites. I hope you produce many more CD’s of equal quality, and that I have an opportunity to hear them." - dj
Heartfelt CD
Item Name: Heartfelt CD
Item Number:
CD 4
Price: $15.00 plus $3.00 S & H

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Music samples:

Only Remembered

Why Walk When You Can Fly


Long Black Veil

Let the Life I Lead

Tune List:

Only Remembered
Castle of Dromore
Pretty Saro
Why Walk When You Can Fly
Storms Are on the Oceans
John Roy Lyall
Come Ye Discolsolate / Give Me Your Hand
Slumber My Darling
Long Black Veil
Hot Buttered Rum
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Dixie Darlin'
Go Rest High on that Mountain
Let the Life I Lead

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