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Product Name: Dulcimer Jam Book & CD
Price (US): $20.00 plus $3.50 S & H
Product Description:
Dulcimer Jam Book & CD - My main purpose for this book is to provide the mountain dulcimer player with an expanded repertoire of old-time tunes arranged in the key in which they are commonly played. These are tunes that are frequently heard in old-time jam sessions, but not necessarily in mountain dulcimer circles (yet!). There are many versions of old-time tunes. I have heard tunes with the same name that were completely different melodies, and tunes with different names which were clearly the same tune. There is no right or wrong version. Old-time music really stems from an “aural” tradition…tunes that were heard (not written down) and remembered as best as possible and shared between friends and generations. I learned most of the versions of the tunes in this book from fiddlers from North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina, but some come from farther away and longer ago.

All the arrangements in this book are for mountain dulcimers tuned to DAd. This was done because this tuning is commonly used in the dulcimer world. The G and A tunes can be played in other tunings and sound very good, but I especially like the sound of the mountain dulcimer in DAd with a capo on 3 (for G) or 4 (for A). It puts the dulcimer into a higher range which, in old-time jam sessions, gets the dulcimer above the sound of the guitar and banjo and allows it to be more easily heard. It’s also good practice for learning how to play your dulcimer further up the fretboard. You paid for the whole thing, you may as well use it!

All selections include both dulcimer tablature and standard musical notation.
Dulcimer Jam Book & CD
Item Name: Dulcimer Jam Book & CD
Item Number:
Dulcimer Jam Book & CD
Price: $20.00 plus $3.50 S & H

Tune List:

D Tunes
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July
John Lover's Gone (3-part version)
Shuckin’ the Brush
Sarah Armstrong
Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes
Rock that Cradle, Lucy

G Tunes
Goin’ Down the River
Old 1812
Horney Ewe
Gun Boat
Jeff City
John Brown’s March

A Tunes
Grubb Springs
Hangman’s Reel
Natural Bridge Blues
Bull at the Wagon
Rabbit, Where's Your mammy?

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